NUS Enterprise @ Blk71

Mapped by: agustiadi
One North MRT 9 Ayer Rajah Avenue Singapore 138647

NUS Enterprise @ Blk71 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-01, Singapore 139951

1 Alight at One North MRT and take the escalator up towards Exit C (Fusionopolis).
2 Exit the MRT gantry and walk towards the escalators ahead.
3 Take the escalator up.
4 And another escalator up on your right.
5 At the end of the escalator ride, you will see Pastamania right in front of you. Take a right turn towards the exit (as shown). Along the way, you can grab some coffee at Starbucks located on your left.
6 This is the view you will see once you exited the building. Walk pass the taxi stand and cross the street.
7 Across the street you will see a bus stop and a green building (Blk 79) behind it.
8 Take a right turn and walk towards the street soccer and basketball courts.
9 Walk along the pathway beside the street soccer court towards the grey/red building (Blk 73).
10 Follow the pathway towards the entrance of Blk 73
11 Walk through Blk 73.
12 Take a left turn following the pathway.
13 Continue to walk along the sheltered pathway towards the blue colored building (Blk71). You are almost there!
14 Take these stairs to level 2.
15 At level 2, walk along this corridor for another 20-30 meters. Our office's entrance will be on your left.
16 Welcome to NUS Enterprise @ Blk71!