NUS Counselling and Psychological Services (CPS)

Mapped by: joel
Kent Ridge MRT 301 South Buona Vista Road Singapore 118177

NUS Counselling and Psychological Services (CPS) 20 Lower Kent Ridge Road Level 2, Singapore 119080

1 Alight at Kent Ridge MRT and walk towards Exit A. Then take a right turn at the first junction you see.
2 Walk straight and take a left turn as indicated by the arrow.
3 Walk towards the Bus Stop No.3 ahead.
4 This is Bus Stop No.3: Kent Ridge Station (18331). You will need to board the free NUS Internal Shuttle Bus No. A1 or D2.
5 You will need to alight at the Bus Stop: Opp University Health Centre (18321). If you are taking A1, it will be 4 stops away and if you are taking D2, it will be 3 stops away.
6 As you alight from the bus, make a left turn as indicated by the arrow.
7 Walk ahead towards the zebra crossing.
8 Cross the road and then make a right turn towards the bus stop.
9 Follow the arrow and walk towards the sheltered walkway behind the bus stop.
10 Walk along this sheltered walkway.
11 When you reach this junction, take a right turn.
12 Continue to walk ahead following the arrow.
13 Turn left when you see the sign "Counselling and Psychological Services" on this red brick wall. Go through this door and walk up to level 2 to reach CPS.