Hwang's Korean Restaurant (UTown)

Mapped by: agustiadi
Kent Ridge MRT 301 South Buona Vista Road Singapore 118177

Hwang's Korean Restaurant (UTown) College Ave West, 138607

1 Alight at Kent Ridge MRT and walk towards Exit A. Then take a right turn at the first junction you see.
2 Walk straight and take a left turn as indicated by the arrow.
3 Walk towards the Bus Stop No.3 ahead.
4 This is Bus Stop No.3: Kent Ridge Station (18331). You will need to board the free NUS Internal Shuttle Bus No. D2.
5 Alight at the University Town Bus Stop (5 stops away) and walk towards the entrance of UTown.
6 Follow the arrow.
7 In about 20-30 meters ahead, you will be able to see the restaurant on your right.
8 Welcome to Hwang's Korean Restaurant! Enjoy their awesome and affordable Korean food selection :)