Auditorium 3 - University Town (UTown)

Mapped by: agustiadi
University Town Bus Stop College Link Road

Auditorium 3 - University Town (UTown) 10 College Avenue East, Singapore 138616

1 From University Town Bus Stop, walk towards the entrance of UTown.
2 UTown Entrance.
3 From the entrance, walk straight ahead into UTown.
4 Keep right and you will reach a small sheltered pathway.
5 Follow the path along the sheltered pathway.
6 Keep heading along this pathway.
7 Keep heading straight along the pathway for about 20m.
8 Follow the arrow and turn right.
9 Follow the path and take a left turn.
10 Walk past the pink elephant then turn left and head towards the stairs.
11 Head up the flight of stairs.
12 After the stairs, follow the arrow and keep left.
13 Keep going straight as indicated by the arrow.
14 Continue straight ahead along the side of the building.
15 Keep going straight ahead.
16 Follow the arrow and take the path on the right of the USP building.
17 Continue on the path straight ahead.
18 At the end of the path, turn left.
19 Walk straight then turn right.
20 Head in to UTown Auditorium 3.