Auditorium 2 (Stephen Riady Centre) - University Town (UTown)

Mapped by: agustiadi
University Town Bus Stop College Link Road

Auditorium 2 (Stephen Riady Centre) - University Town (UTown) 2 College Ave West, Singapore 138607

1 From University Town Bus Stop, walk towards the entrance of UTown.
2 UTown Entrance.
3 From the entrance, walk straight ahead into UTown.
4 Keep left.
5 Follow the arrow and walk towards Stephen Riady Centre. Continue to keep left.
6 Walk straight ahead as indicated by the arrow.
7 Walk towards the staircase right behind this pillar.
8 Slowly make your way down.
9 The auditorium's entrance is located at the bottom of this staircase.
10 Welcome to UT Auditorium 2 !